TA in Training Program

Palpation Based Acupuncture Course

Advanced Acupuncture Course

The advanced acupuncture course is to learn advanced techniques. The course will cover an advanced review and development of palpation-based acupuncture techniques with a focus on the central role of the Kidney and Tan Tien in the evaluation and Treatment of Patients.

Become an AcuMed Teaching Assistant in Training

Benefits of becoming a TA in training include receiving CMEs at no cost, the ability to participate in Skills Advancement Workshops, and access to faculty/staff training sessions. Responsibilities include assisting the course coordinator with various tasks and acting as an assistant TA to the basic course students during their practice sessions. If you are interested in this
program, you should participate in both live refresh weekends. After that, you can become a TA in training and, subsequently, a full TA. 

Please email us for more information: info@acumed.org 

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