AcuMed: Integrated Structural Acupuncture Presents Kiiko Matsumoto

The Vagus Nerve: Advance Treatments for Neurological Conditions in Palpation-Based Acupuncture

Live Webinar: Sunday, June 11, 2023

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

General Information

  • Location: International Zoom Webinar hosted from Boston, MA
  • Learn from an International Master with the opportunity to ask Kiiko Matsumoto specific questions about theory and technique
  • 4 WEEKS of continued access to the streamed material following the Webinar to review
  • See Kiiko like never before with NEW 3 camera stream with close up views of needle technique and an overhead of the Hara
  • Price for Physicians: $325.00 USD, for Licensed Acupuncturists $275.00 USD
  • Receive 6 AMA PRA CME Category 1 credits – Sponsored by the University of New England
  • 6 NCCAOM PDAs approved and 6 California CEUs in Category 1 approved, CA CEU Provider # 0019 Holly Guzman (831-479-1592) Please provide your full name, medical license number or (NCCAOM or CA license number if applicable) when registering to ensure we can provide your CEUs promptly.

Register Here

  • Registration Deadline: June 7, 2023 at Midnight EST 
  • Current AcuMed Course Students are automatically registered in this webinar
  • No refunds after registration, however, extended access to material may be granted if participant is unable to view in the regular window

Webinar Description

Master Kiiko Matsumoto, LAc. will present and demonstrate advanced theory and techniques in the pathology and treatment of diseases that relate directly or indirectly to the function of the vagus nerve. Special focus will be given to palpatory diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and other diseases involving inflammation of the central nervous system. The Vagus nerve functions as the key parasympathetic conductor of most of the body’s internal organs (Zang Fu), but also as the key structural connection between the Zang fu and the brain. Master Matsumoto will teach a variety of specific treatments to stimulate the vagus nerve to balance the autonomic nervous system, influence the brain, and regulate digestion, immunity, mood and cardiovascular function.

The course will examine the particular muscular and nervous structures (vagus and accessory cranial nerves) of the neck from a modern biomedical perspective while Master Matsumoto also unpacks deep analysis of a variety of the ancient Chinese characters of key acupuncture point names and Chinese medical theory. Following lecture, demonstrations will be made in real time with live patients and Kiiko Matsumoto will demonstrate how to find the best treatment options for each patient for a variety of conditions and how to organize the various approaches taught into a complete acupuncture treatment, with Dr. Joseph Audette and other staff facilitating the educational process with questions and live chat in zoom.

Presenter: Kiiko Matsumoto, LAc. is a world-renowned acupuncturist and teacher, internationally known for her scholarly work in acupuncture. Senseii Matsumoto is recognized for her ability to integrate the work of the Japanese Masters into a coherent and clinically effective palpation-based style that synthesizes eastern and western views of the body. She is author of numerous books and her Hara Diagnosis palpation based acupuncture style is practiced across the globe.
Facilitator: Joseph Audette, MD is Chief of the Department of Spine, Physiatry and Pain Management at Atrius Health and Harvard Vanguard and Assistant Professor Part Time, at Harvard Medical School. He is Course Director of Acumed: Integrated Structural Acupuncture course for physicians at the University of New England, a renowned acupuncture researcher, and recognized world expert in the use of acupuncture point verification methods and use of acupuncture needle techniques for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.
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